Fünf Freund*innen | Social housing

Housing Developers Competition – Attemsgasse, 3rd prize
GABU Heindl Architecture with Sophie & Peter Thalbauer Architecture | Vienna 2020

This social housing project is about planning luxury for all: affordable subsidized apartments with loggias, adaptive floor plans and shared infrastructure such as community spaces, garden courtyards, a soccer field, laundry rooms, a bicycle repair shop, and of course a 25 metre long swimming pool on the roof! The rooftop swimming pool has become a symbol of the high quality of social housing in Vienna.

Together with the limited-profit housing associations EBG and Siedlungsunion and partnership with Sophie und Peter Thalbauer Architekten and the support of many consultants we participated in the developer competition Attemsgasse in the 22nd district. With a total volume of around 300 subsidized housing units, special attention is paid to planning for everyday life use and quality, taking into account diversified housing needs and interests as well as different age and user groups.

Video: atm_screenshot_video.jpg

Planning principles along the four quality pillars of Viennese subsidized housing
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Architecture and Urban Design
Five independent characteristic buildings create an urban ensemble,
a Park loggia as a zone of public access to the central Grätzlpark,
an apron zone for appropriation including a neighborhood event space, the Attemshalle,
quiet residential gardens.

Sponge city principle: hardly any sealed surfaces,
apartments are lit and ventilated from two sides,
solid brick construction,
greening of facades and roof,
Greenpass-optimized overall planning.

100% subsidized housing
Corner loggia space increase living space without rent burden
financing support from cooperatives,
participatory budget for community design of outdoor space.

Social Sustainability
Continued existence of the soccer field and cooperation with Kicken ohne Grenzen,
development of a neighborhood magazine with, for and from residents,
community spaces, info boards, neighborhood apps,
housing first cooperation with Neunerhaus.


Planning period autumn 2020

Limited Profit Housing Associations / Developpers
Siedlungsunion Gemeinnützige Wohnungs- und Siedlungsgenossenschaft m.b.H.: Oliver Vollgruber, Bettina Fida
EBG Gemeinnützige Ein- und Mehrfamilienhäuser Baugenossenschaft reg. Gen. m. b. H.: Martin Orner, Alexander Gluttig, Katharina Smole, Reinhard Pfeiffer

GABU Heindl Architektur | Städtebau: Gabu Heindl, Katrin Dielacher, Hannah Niemand, Lisa Schönböck, Anselm Hoyer, Stana Marjanovic
Sophie and Peter Thalbauer ZT GmbH: Sophie Thalbauer, Peter Thalbauer, Luka Veren

Social sustainability
inspirin: Sabine Gstöttner, Michaela Mainer

Landscape planning
Joachim Kräftner engineering office for landscape planning and architecture: Joachim Kräftner, Karola-Maria Gump

Rainwater management, nature conservation Karl Grimm
Karl Grimm Consulting Engineers for Landscape Planning and Landscape Management: Karl Grimm, Matthias Stelzl

GREENPASS GmbH: Florian Kraus, Nima Vali, Tina Selami

Building services engineering
dp building services engineering: Mathias Decker

Structure/Building Physics
Buschina & Partner: David Volny, Martin Wolf

Fire Protection
Erich Röhrer civil engineer for construction: Andrea Kopper

Mobility concept
Goldbeck Parking GmbH: Andreas Fitsch

Werkstätte Alpha, Jugend am Werk Sozial:Raum GmbH

Kicken ohne Grenzen: Alois Gstöttner

Neunerhaus: Judith Moser-Harnoncourt

KMS Anton Sattlergasse

3D Renderings
ZOOM visual project gmbh: Gernot Schönauer

Architectural model making
model workshop Gerhard Stocker

3D video
placeholder architecture: Dominik Hennecke

Video production
film production and media mediation mediengarten e.U: Thomas Lindermayer, Antina Zlatkova