Justice and Urban Planning | Chamber of Labour, Vienna

Study on the analysis of the status quo and future orientation of justice in urban planning | Focus Vienna

What are the injustices in relation to current urban development and how could the city become more just? How should the responsibility for how urban space is distributed or who has access to which urban spaces be shared? What role should the market play in the development of living conditions in cities?

The Chamber of Labour demands “more quality in more quantity”: Based on this demand and the demand “justice must be”, the study critically assesses the history of Red Vienna and the achievements of the Welfare State, and draws on radical democracy theses of urban researchers. These are to be verified concretely on the basis of Vienna – and to be substantiated or refuted with concrete figures and examples.

As a result of the study, a future vision of a just city (planning) is aimed at. This long-term perspective is accompanied by a catalogue of demands, which formulates concrete steps that are possible today and at the same time point in the direction of the vision.

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Commissioned by the Chamber of Labour, Vienna

Team Gabu Heindl, Gunnar Grandel, Hannah Niemand, Bettina Köhler, Stana Marjanovic

Workshop on 12.6.2019
Workshop on 12.6.2019