"Rent vs Buy" Podcast Interview with Euradio

(c) Katharina Gossow
(c) Katharina Gossow

Rent vs. Buy – Île d’Europe.

Beyond individual choices, what are the political conditions that drive us to buy or rent our homes?

Gabu Heindl, researcher and author of “Stadtkonflikte” (City conflict) by Mandelbaum Verlag 2020, leads us to understand how public power and the financial world shape our willingness to own real estate and with what personal and social consequences.

A political and cultural reflection, along history and geography, following the referendum of the inhabitants of Berlin to expropriate the private developer Deutsche Wohnen.

It also presents experiences in Austria, alternatives to create an intellectual environment that promotes the existential security of the inhabitants, including the most marginalized.

Guest: Gabu Heindl. Professor in London and Nuremberg, architect, urban planner, civil engineer and researcher on the role of the public sector in urban planning and architecture.

Interview with Boris Meggiorin / Euradio

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