Arbeit Zeit Raum

Where do we work? And what does the space of precarious work look like?

The office building, the factory with its time clock and assembly line are spatial images from times of Fordist efficiency and discipline. But what do the post-Fordist work spaces of today’s “flat” hierarchies, flexible cooperation and differentiated “creativity” look like?

Buildings and images of work in architecture and urbanism, cinema and the Internet, photography and philosophy: this book brings together material and media spaces, as well as historical and theoretical approaches, to explore the relationship of space and image to contemporary forms of work.

With contributions from: Karin Harrasser, Gabu Heindl, Maya McKechneay, Siegfried Mattl, Klaus Neundlinger, Drehli Robnik, Andreas Rumpfhuber, Ines Schaber, Bettina Vismann / Nathalie Bredella

Arbeit Zeit Raum Bilder und Bauten der Arbeit im Postfordismus

Ed. Gabu Heindl

Publisher Turia + Kant, 2008

ISBN 978-3-85132-536-2

Prize-winning as one of the best designed books of Austria 2008: