Let's turn statistics upside down

As barrier-free as possible: exhibition architecture, Frauenservice Wien (MA 57)

Research and knowledge of the situation and participation possibilities of people or in particular of women with disabilities in public space is incomplete. Therefore, in 2018, Frauenservice Wien (MA 57) commissioned the research institute L&R to conduct a qualitative study on the living situation of women with disabilities and/or health impairments in urban space, specifically of Vienna.

The research process involved directly affected women. They reported about their lives in Vienna. Many of the women involved emphasized that they are not disabled, but that they are hindered by multiple barriers.

A central wish that the study revealed is more – and better – barrier-free access to information. Therefore, the Women’s Service Vienna has commissioned GABU Heindl Architektur to develop barrier-free exhibition modules in 2019/2020 with direct involvement of directly affected peers, to turn the outcomes of studies into information, as “barrier-free” as possible for everyone.

The inspiration for the design is the statistical pie-chart, which describes the (in)equality of women in a conspicuous number of studies (also by MA57). The form of the exhibition architecture plays with these pie chart elements, is multi-layered and colorful, at the same time never complete – the empty spaces remind us of what is not there yet. The communication of feminist and intersectional concerns by and for people with disabilities is colorful, edgy, loud and visible!

MA 57 – Vienna Women’s Affairs

Planning period

Jänner – Februar 2020

Stephanie Kiessling (MA 57)

Planning Team
Gabu Heindl, Dorotea Mandić, Lisa Schönböck, Jakob Grabher, Stana Marjanović

Tischlerei Schwarzott

Stephanie Kiessling

Publication on the project

available in German: ‚Ein Rot, das sich schön anfühlt. Zur Prototyp-Entwicklung barrierefreier Ausstellungsarchitektur‘, in: Was uns behindert? Über Teilhabe und Sichtbarkeit von Frauen mit Behinderungen in Wien, Frauenservice Wien (Hg.), Wien 2021”