This system could be a completely different one

Gabu Heindl is an architect, urban planner and activist. A conversation about her upcoming book Stadtkonflikte, public-private partnerships, Red Vienna and a definition of solidarity.

Tyma Kraitt | In your new book Stadtkonflikte (City Conflicts), you explore the relationship between democracy and urban planning. What do we actually mean by democratically engaged urban planning?

Gabu Heindl | Urban planning in the sense of radical democracy is about deepening democracy, that is, more of it, especially in times when it is in crisis due to neoliberalism and a shift to the right. It is about freeing up room for maneuver in contradiction to the unbounded power of capital. Especially with regard to people who are intersectionally marginalized, who are financially weak – but by no means only. Often these are still women, also people who had to flee. […]

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Journal Tagebuch – Zeitschrift für Auseinandersetzung

Interview Tyma Kraitt with Gabu Heindl

published on 27th of February 2020