Planet 10

Extension of the self-organized housing project Planet 10

Planet 10 is adding more floors and creating more living space, namely 5 times as much as before. From a one-story small pink house in the middle of old Viennese apartment buildings to a 6-story place with a lot of living space, furthermore with community space, event rooms and and and.

For this they need about 3.3 million euros:
“About 400.000.- € we already have in donations and direct loans from friends and supporters – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, before they even made everything public and put it out to tender. So that leaves about 1.5 million they have to raise otherwise:
If you have money and don’t know where to put it, if you inherit and don’t need it for now, if you if you if you… then think of Planet 10. The people at Planet 10 have a lot of experience with direct loans from the 2009 purchase of the house and are networked in all directions. And they have the property as a guarantee.”

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Client Kulturverein Planet 10

Planning time since 2023

Planning team Gabu Heindl, Birgit Miksch, Elena Mali, Hannah Niemand, Selin Selina

Pictures GABU Heindl Architektur