Gabu Heindl Solo Exhibition (22.12.2021-20.03.2022)
Brno Gallery of Architecture (CZE)

Foto: Jan Prokopius
Foto: Jan Prokopius

The exhibition is part of Gabu Heindl’s ongoing enquiry into the critical agency of architecture within housing and planning politics. The starting point is a tiny Manifesto for a politics of CARE for housing as a public good and human right and of CARE for land. Heindl clearly identifies the political grounds of such an endeavor – to write a manifesto – as shaky, partial, disputed.

Within a procedural setting, the exhibition gives an insight into the global housing crises with interviews with housing activists in the specific contexts of Vienna, Brno, Nuremberg, London and Vancouver. Heindl puts them in relation to her works, which are based on a specific interest in looking for tomorrow’s strategies within the (un)realized futures in the housing policies of Red Vienna. The growing Housing Manifesto aims to contribute to the struggles for the right to housing and the city.

Lecture Programme
22.12.2021 7pmCET online
Gabu Heindl, C.A.R.E. A Housing Manifesto for Intersectional Solidarity
1.2.2022 7pm CET online
Living for Future: Lisa Schmidt-Colinet & Alexander Schmoeger, SchloR: Gudrun Pollak, habiTAT / Mietshäusersyndikat Vienna
8.2.2022 7pm CET online
Architects for Social Housing, Geraldine Dening, London
23.2.2022 7pm CET online
BC Non-Profit Housing Association, Marika Albert, Vancouver
2.3.2022 7pm CET online
Socialize Deutsche Wohnen & Co, N.N., Berlin
20.3.2022 6pm CET finnisage
A Housing Manifesto presentation & discussion, Brno

Gabu Heindl: Urban Conflicts – A Housing Manifesto
opening hours
WED–SUN 14:00–19:00
online exhibition opening and lecture 22. 12. 2021 at 7 pm CET
*open for public from 5. 1. 2022
until 10. 03. 2022

Brno Gallery of Architecture, Starobrněnská 18

production: Karolína Plášková
architecture: Karolína Munková
graphic design: Bára Růžičková
installation: Adam Tomaschek, Ludmila Jankovichová, Šimon Doubrava, Martin Králík
project support: Adéla Šoborová, Radmila Presová
supervision: Jan Kristek

Urban Conflicts Housing Manifesto Gabu Heindl Brno exhibition
Urban Conflicts Housing Manifesto Gabu Heindl Brno exhibition
Foto: Jan Prokopius
Foto: Jan Prokopius
Foto: Jan Prokopius
Foto: Jan Prokopius
Foto: Jan Prokopius
Foto: Jan Prokopius