The Monument Is a Dilemma

The architect Gabu Heindl and the artist Eduard Freudmann won “From Those You Saved”, an international competition to “commemorate Poles who rescued Jews during the German occupation”.
Krytyka Polityczna – Political Critique, the pan-European online magazine for democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation-state asked the winners for a text about the failing of the realization.

“The Monument
… is a Dilemma.
… is a Forest Nursery.
… is a Process.
… may be a Forest.
… may be a Failure.”
(Title of the winning proposal to commemorate the Polish Righteous)

Link to publication at Krytyka Polityczna

Text and illustrations: Gabu Heindl, Eduard Freudmann, 2016
Krytyka Polityczna – Political Critique, 2016