The '70s. Then there was Future

Exhibition centre Schallaburg,
Schallaburg (AT)

The ’70s were turbulent times: wars from Nicaragua to Vietnam, the vote against the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant, citizens’ initiatives … the people stirred, something moved. Free textbooks, the 40-hour workweek, legal abortion up to the first trimester – all of these were hard-won achievements of the 1970s. What was new? What continued?

Embedded in the exhibition are five debate rooms, where individual visitors, families, and basically everyone is welcome to address questions and debate in workshops or in an encounter with other visitors.Seven exhibition chapters provide insight into the colourful, turbulent 1970s against the backdrop of contemporary issues and events. Aspiring to shape the future, the people envisioned a better world to come.

Chapter of the exhibition: Work and education for everyone! Promises and breaks in the welfare state Everything must change! Movements, revolts, resistance It’s showtime! Daily life and the media Austria, island of bliss. Of cold and hot wars Break what breaks you! Contested pasts and Nazi continuities The personal is political, the political is personal! Alternative living *Museum for everyone! Exhibition utopias and the Museum of the Future

Five debate spaces, designed by visual artists, turn the exhibition into a forum and contact zone.
What should we fight for? What needs to change? Stefanie Seibold
Whose education? Whose future? Ezgi Erol und Sophie Schasiepen
How do we create solidarity? Martin Krenn
How should we live together? Lisa Bolyos
Who is “everyone”? Claudia Hummel

Text: Büro trafo. K


19.03. – 6.11.2016

Büro trafo.K: Renate Höllwart, Elke Smodics, Nora Sternfeld, Ines Garnitschnig, Hannes Etzlstorfer

Scientific Team
Monika Bernold, Robert Foltin, Berthold Molden, Dirk Rupnow und Magdalena Rest

Artistic Intervention Debate Rooms
Lisa Bolyos, Claudia Hummel, Martin Krenn, Sophie Schasiepen und Ezgi Erol, Stefanie Seibold

Artistic Installation
Carola Dertnig, Bruno Klomfar, Tomash Schoiswohl, Moira Zoitlt

Exhibition Architecture
Gabu Heindl Architektur: Gabu Heindl, Martin Radner, Paul Rossi, Katarína Vankušová, Lisi Zeininger

Exhibition Design
TOLEDO i DERTSCHEI: Eva Dertschei, Carlos Toledo

Documentation of exhibition, Photos
Alejandra Loreto, Klaus Pichler