The collective company apartment SchloR - Cooperative standards

Cooperative Standards
Cooperative Standards

An old circus training facility, a hall supplemented by a few other buildings, a few alleyways in between. Living and working, overlapping uses in everyday negotiation. And a rule that confirms the exception.

We call the Collective Company Apartment SchloR a cooperative standard – creative, programmatic spatial elements that are constituted on the basis of experience and shared responsibility. Addressing specific issues and needs, they deviate from generic rules and norms and allow special qualities and relations to be realized in their respective environments.

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‘#5 The collective company apartment, SchloR, Vienna’ in ‘Cooperative Standards’
Author: Gabu Heindl
Editors: Christoph Heinemann, Marieke Behne, Justus Griesenberg
Publisher: adoc Produktion und Verlag gGmbH
Softcover, 15 × 21 cm, 7 issues in slipcase
ISBN: 978-3-943253-68-9