Filmmuseum Collections

Reconstruction and expansion of the Film collection of the Austrian Filmmuseum
Realization, Vienna (AT) 2015

The collection, conservation and restoration of cinematic works is a central task of the Austrian Film Museum. The international film cultural heritage is conserved and restored (partly by digital means) in special, climate-controlled rooms under the best possible conditions and in cooperation with partners in Austria and abroad. The film collections building and especially the climate-controlled rooms for the storage of the film heritage were renewed in 2015 on the basis of our planning.

The collection comprises approximately 31,000 films. They cover the entire era of cinematography, from 1893 (films produced by Edison) to the present, and all genres and types of cinema, from classic feature films to scientific films, trailers and commercials.

Österreichisches Filmmuseum (ÖFM)



Planning Team
Gabu Heindl, Lisi Zeininger

Lisi Zeininger, Janneke van Dalen (ÖFM)