04/02/2020 | lecture
Housing as a basic, socially need. Red Vienna and the meaning for the present and future of the city

Gabu Heindl at urbanize! 2019
dérive – Radio for urban science

27/08/2020, 07:05 pm | radio talk
Stadtkonflikte - Die Utopie der gerechten Stadt.

A talk with Gabu Heindl.
by Marlene Nowotny (Ö1)

08/12/2020, 11:30 am | Public lecture
Radical Public Practice: On the politics of architectural non-solutions

as Part of SSOA MAUD / Participation in Architecture and Urban Design module
Sheffield University

04, 05, 06/12/2020 | Online Talk
Cinema and the crisis of publicity

Borjana Gaković talks with Gabu Heindl
within the 16th National congress of the communal cinemas

01/12/2020, 04:15 pm | Online Conference
Radical Democratic Housing Politics as Red Vienna’s Critical Legacy

1919 Red Vienna – 2020 Red Berlin? Rent Policies, Migration and Social Housing
With: Matthias Clausen, Esra Akcan, Marco Pogacnik, Gabu Heindl, Valentina Orioli
curated by Jacopo Galimberti, Andrea Borsari, Annalisa Trentin (University of Bologna)

30/09/2020, 06:00 pm | Book presentation
Rotes Wien publiziert. Architektur in Medien und Kampagnen

Book launch and talk with Harald R. Stühlinger (editor of the book), Gerhard Murauer, Robert Reinagl and Gabu Heindl; Host: Elke Wikidal
Wienbibliothek, City Hall Vienna

06/10/2020 | Book presentation
City Conflicts. Radical Democracy in Architecture and Urban Planning

Author Gabu Heindl, moderated by architectural journalist Maik Novotny
Depot Wien, 1070, Breite Gasse 3

18/09/2020, 06:00 pm | Book presentation
Radical democracy!

Volkshochschule Ottakring Ludo-Hartmann-Platz 7
1160 Vienna

11/09/2020, 02:10 pm | Keynote
Conditions for sustainable, affordable and inclusive dwelling

at the conference of sustainable dwelling in theory and practice
Vienna University of Technology

23/09/2020, 05:15 pm | IBA-Symposium
Affordability and new ways of housing - challenges and solutions

With representatives from Barcelona, Dublin and Cologne and from Vienna Gabu Heindl, Sina Lipp, Raimund Gutmann
“How will we live tomorrow? New Ways to Social Housing in Europe”
at WEST (former Sophienspital), 1070 Vienna

29/08/2020, 03:00 pm | Keynote lecture, Club Alpbach Salzburg
The impact of a global pandemic on public space as fundamental of urban societies

What does socially just public space look like? How does the current pandemic crisis affect public space and mobility behaviour?

10/09/2020, 07:00 pm | Lecture, Live-Stream (in German)
Radical Democracy in Architecture and Urban Planning?

As part of the lecture series Creators for Future
BDA Hessen
Danzig am Platz, Frankfurt

09/07/2020, 06:00 pm | Opening, public lectures
Danube Canal - History of Swimming in the Danube Canal

public swimming talks with experts
a.o. with Gabu Heindl und Susan Kraupp, moderated by Schwimmverein Donaukanal
Kunst Haus Wien, 1030 Vienna

09/08/2020 | first reading (german)
Reading, Kritische Literaturtage: Gabu Heindl „Stadtkonflikte. Radikale Demokratie in Architektur und Stadtplanung“

Open Air, Garten des Labor Alltagskultur
1120, Kolonieweg 48

08/07/2020, 07:00 pm | Online Conference
GrazTalk 03: LAND

Gabu Heindl (Architect and urban planner, Vienna), Elke Kahr (Stadträtin, Graz), Bernhard Inninger (Leitung Stadtplanungsamt Graz)
​Moderation: Ana Jeinić (Grazotopia) und Adina Camhy (Grazotopia)

01/06/2020 | Lecture, Panel
Degrowth Conference

Good Housing for All. Strategies for Social Ecological Transformations of the Housing Sector
Facilitator: Verena Wolf, speakers: Anton Brokow-Loga, Gabu Heindl, Francois Schneider
Big Blue Button

29/05/2020, 03:00 pm | Symposium
Urgent Futures. Architectural Education in 2025

Fundamentals. History&Theory. Speculation. Buildings
5pm session on Speculation: Kate Davies, Ana Nicolaescu, Gabu Heindl, Pol Esteve, Indy Johar
Architectural Association London

20/05/2020, 07:00 pm | Online talk
Housing politics A C.

with Gabu Heindl, Andrea Jany, Barbara Ruhsmann, Florian Stadtschreiber
Central Association of Austrian Architects – Section Styria

12/05/2020, 05:00 pm | Live Talk
Emergency Coronavirus – how to achieve more justice for living space and their cost?

Gabu Heindl (Architect, urban planner, activist) in a talk with political editor Martin Wassermair via video-talk.
at Dorf TV

10/03/2020 | Discussion
Voices for a just city

Gabu Heindl at the 12th Austrian Anti Poverty Network
Conference Centre St. Virgil, 5020 Salzburg

15/02/2020 | lecture
Care for the people!

Greenskills Symposion 2020
Sustainability symposion
University of Applied Arts
Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7, 1030 Vienna

30/01/ - 06/02/2020 | unit trip
AA Diploma Unit 17 trip to Vienna

The Publicness of Architecture. Radical Democracy in Urban Space

22/01/2020 | Film and discussion
Remake Frankfurter Frauen Film Tage

Where do elderly people live?
Kino des DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum, Frankfurt am Main (GER)