Michelangelo-Höfe Berlin

International urban planning competition “Wohnen an der Michelangelostraße, Berlin Pankow – Prenzlauer Berg”, Berlin (DE), 2014

Michelangelo-Höfe at the residential park
- knitting urbanity

The potential of the area lies in the open space with a great potential for an urban neighborhood with differentiated squares, playgrounds, walking gardens, sunbathing lawns or natural spaces: a residential park for residents and other surroundings. Context-specific border extensions to the residential rows form new, morphologically different (semi)public space. The “Michelangelo courtyards”, designed as “mat buildings” with punctual towers, bring programmatic renewal (combining the “new” scale of the building, e.g. work and living spaces, with shops, workshops and storage areas) and also new scales in the form of small structured courtyards. Urban squares as “entrées” connect the Michelangelo courtyards with the large housing estate Mühlenkiez, as well as the composers’ quarter with the residential park.

City of Berlin


Planning team Gabu Heindl, Daniela Mehlich, Jan Ruzicka, Lisi Zeininger