Bubny Prague Expert Report | IPR Praha

Urban Planning Expert Report
Development of Holešovice-Bubny-Zátory, Praha 7, Prague (CZ), 2017

Prague 7 – „The district with Prague´s longest waterfront“

How do we imagine a city for the 21st century in the middle of Europe? Industrial history has left a piece of land (103 hectares) in the middle of Prague 7 with the chance to conceptualize a future city part.

Invited by the government of Praha 7 we conceptualize the structure for a city of common spaces for 27.000 new inhabitants and 10.000 people working there by means of a maximum share of public space in a maximally dense city,
- by means of a strong network of public space including a public riverfront: „Contact zones“ form a secondary network of smaller neighborhood places spread throughout the site,
- by means of the definition of investor´s duties / rights as well as a process design for transparency and democratic agency.


Magistrat von Prag 7, CZ

Expert Report

Planning team
Gabu Heindl, Teresa Klestorfer, Fabian Liszt, Petko Grablic

Traffic planner
Hermann Knoflacher Verkehrsplaner

Consultant CZ
Kristýna Stará, Jan Tabor