A Typological Symphony

Competition for Pedestrian zone in Wiener Neustadt at Herzog Leopold Straße and Beethovengasse, Wiener Neustadt
2. Prize, invited competition

For the pedestrian zone in Wiener Neustadt we proposed a Typological Symphony, in the form of a sequence of different urban spaces. These are the quiet linden grove along the city wall, an open square as an entrance and distribution area at Fischauer Tor, and the lively shopping and promenade Herzog-Leopold-Straße, which leads into the main square. Three urban spaces that bring three different public spheres into play, three very different atmospheres and focal points of use.

The grove / quiet

The path along the city wall opens to a square with a lime grove and a very large wooden deck. With reference to the glacis that once existed here, the project reclaims an urban green space for the city. The grown existing trees, together with the city wall, convey history, peace, dimensionality, permanence.

The square / open

An urban square is being created between the supermarket, housing and school – a small counterpart to the main square. A fulcrum on the way to the station and at the same time an everyday lounge for pupils and residents of the Adolf Schärf House. In its use, it is open and adaptable for diverse appropriation. Wooden decks under the existing trees and along the garage exit create individual recreation rooms.

The street / lively

What is striking about Herzog-Leopold Straße is its liveliness. Within the narrow street space there are a variety of entrance situations and a range of activities take place. The new flooring pattern structures the collective and diverse use. Areas of movement are distinguished from quiet, consumption-free recreational areas by changes in the flooring. The street is designed to be barrier-free, the elements, whether public or private, can be dismantled.


Municipality of Wiener Neustadt (Lower Austria)

2016, 2. prize

Team GABU Heindl Architektur
Gabu Heindl, Teresa Klestorfer, Barbara Weber, Agnieszka Cielińska, Alex Plancarova, Dominic Schwab, Alexandra Sýkorová

Landscape architecture
Gabu Heindl und Marlis Rief / Weidlfein