Ver/störende Orte - Zum Umgang mit NS-kontaminierten Orten

Book Cover @Mandelbaum Verlag
Book Cover @Mandelbaum Verlag

Destructive Places. Dealing with NS-contaminated buildings

Even 75 years after the end of NS regime, there is still no clear stance on how to deal with NS-contaminated buildings in Austria or Germany. The question of their appropriate use or non-use is more pressing than ever. The challenges facing these disquieting buildings are legitimately significant, sometimes irreconcilable, and in any case always intertwined with current political and cultural issues. The necessity of preserving evidence and documentation entails further consequences, such as commemoration and remembrance, but also educational tasks. Complicating matters further is the fact that buildings charged by Nazi policies have undergone multiple subsequent uses since 1945, which must themselves be part of the history of reception and reflection.
Historians, architects and artists are faced with the question: How to deal with the (in)visible burden of this legacy?
This volume brings together texts, interviews, photo series and artistic interventions from different perspectives

Destructive Places. Dealing with NS-contaminated buildings
– De-sedimentation. Conflict-oriented public history as an architectural strategy (chapter) Chapter excerpt

Chapter authors Gabu Heindl and Drehli Robnik

Book Editors Ingrid Böhler, Karin Harrasser, Dirk Rupnow, Monika Sommer, Hilde Strobl

Publisher Mandelbaum Verlag
Vienna/Berlin, 2024
260 pages
ISBN: 978399136-019-3
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