Architecture 24 / 7


Walter Benjamin wrote that everyday life is built in the here and lived in the now, and it is this very life in the buildings built here and now that specifically does not appear in architectural photogra- phy. Presentational photos often give the impression that the users have been sent on holiday in order not to disturb the architecture.
Architecture 24/7 – an everyday relation- ship, deals with architecture as an everyday phenom- enon: with architecture that surrounds us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This relates not only to workaholic architects but also, indeed primarily, to the people for whom the former plan and build.

An impressively large number of architects reacted to our invitation, taking their cameras (back) to the buildings, landscapes or spaces they had built and thus visiting the people, animals or things that now inhabit and use these spaces. The architects were asked to take one picture each of their buildings and landscapes in postcard format, showing them in use from their point of view.
From the contributions to the exhibition one can see how architects individually dealt with the question of the relationship between the products of architecture and the everyday.

This architectural perspective was comple- mented by commentary statements from users of the buildings. In this juxtaposition of perspectives on architecture – photo and dialogue, architects and us- ers – various different kinds of closeness and distance become evident. How near or how far is the built structure in relation to those who have planned it and those who spend their everyday life inside it?

This opens up a productive area of conflict between the aspects of use and of expression of archi- tecture, between enabling or preventing things with building(/s), between everyday life and what goes beyond the here and now, the relationship between representation and production. Architectural photo- graphy, even the usual ‚uninhabited‘ type, had and still has an influence on the design process.

steirischer Herbst & HDA (Haus der Architektur, Graz)

Markus Bogensberger, Gabu Heindl

22.09. – 13.11.2007

Florian Lierzer

Participants in exhibition:
Arquitectos ZT KEG, Heidi Pretterhofer, Dieter Spath • ARTEC Architekten • Arch. DI Josef Bacher • balloon Rampula/Gratl/Wohofksy • Arch. DI Walter Chiapo • Arch. DI Christian Deimel • Architekten Domenig & Wallner ZT GmbH • EDERER + HAGHIRIAN ARCHITEKTEN • Arch. DI Franz Eitzinger • Peter Fattinger und Michael Rieper • FEICHTINGER ARCHITECTES • Architekturbüro Feyferlik / Fritzer • fiedler.tornquist arch+urb • Klaus Gartler • Arch. DI Ernst Giselbrecht • Alfred Graffer • Arch. DI Eugen Gross • Eva Grubbauer + Martin Luce + Joost Meuwissen + Johannes Weisser • Eva Gyüre und Peter Vogi • Arch. Helmut Hafner HAJSOK_MOMIC Architects • Arch. DDI Dr. Helmut Hoffmann • HOFRICHTERRITTER Architekten • Marie-Theres Holler • HOLZBOX ZT GMBH • Arch. Michael Homann • HUSSA-KASSARNIG ZT-GMBH • Arch. DI Karl Hütter • Arch. DI Eilfried Huth • INNOCAD • Arch. DI Michael Kadletz • ARCHºBUERO KALTENEGGER • Arch. DI Wolfgang Kapfhammer • Arch. DI Adolph H. Kelz • Walter Kletzl • Arch. DI Michael Kocher • Prof. Arch. Karla Kowalski / Prof. Arch. Michael Szyszkowitz • Martin Krammer • Freya Krummel • LAND IN SICHT – Büro für Landschaftsplanung DI Christian Lankes • DI Gernot Lauffer • DI Ulf Leitner • Peter Lidl – Architektur für Menschen • LOVE architecture and urbanism zt gmbh • Arch. DI Heimo Math • Arch. DI Ingrid Mayr • Arch. DI Christian Meier • DI Astrid Meyer • Arch. DI Gerhard Mitterberger • Margarethe Mueller • Arch. Norbert Müller • nonconform architektur vor ort • Nussmüller Architekten ZT GmbH • Günter Pichler • polar+ • ppag architects ztgmbh – Anna Popelka & Georg Poduschka • Atelier Thomas Pucher • Dir. DI Walter Raiger • DI Wolfgang Reinisch • reitmayr architekten • Architekturbüro Riegler Riewe • Arch. DI Petra ROTH-PRACHER • Architekten Diplom-Ingenieure Friederice und Dieter Saiko • Arch. DI Reinhard Schafler • Arch. Mag. Manfred Schenk • SPLITTERWERK • Architektur STROBL, Arch. DI Martin Strobl • Arch. DI Robert Tanzer • TEAM A GRAZ • transparadiso (b. holub / p. rajakovics / b. vlay) • Arch. DI Daniela Vukovits • Arch. DI Karin Wallmüller • Irmfried Windbichler • Arch. DI Dietger Wissounig • Arch. Manfred Wolff-Plottegg • Arch. DI Heinz Wondra • ARCHITEKTUR BÜRO WRATSCHKO