SchloR – Trainingszentrum

Circus Center
The hall of TRAP – Trainingszentrum Rappachgasse – offers low-threshold spaces for acrobats, circus artists and users interested in sports and culture.

Re-use and materiality
The original hall could not be kept as it was: a lack of insulation and a static construction that could hardly bear any loads prompted the group to build a wooden hall on the existing foundation, while retaining the floor structure and the shell cubature. This was designed specifically for the needs of the Viennese aerial acrobatics scene and has numerous suspension points on the ceiling. The old hall shell was dismantled in pieces and individual material parts and could be newly erected in Lower Austria.

Self-construction and cooperative planning.
The interior of the hall, such as changing rooms, toilet facilities and a studio, were built by many helpers in self-construction. Through cooperative planning, a place was created that was co-designed by all participants and will continue to develop into a circus center.

Client SchloR GmbH

planning period 2022-2023

planning team Gabu Heindl, Elena Mali, Lisa Schönböck, Hannah Niemand

photos GABU Heindl Architektur, SchloR