A Space within a Space for Dorit Margreiters film-installation “Pavilion” Austrian Pavillon, 53rd Art Biennal Vennice 2009
Realization/ Cooperation with Dorit Margreiter

The Austrian pavilion in Venice, built in 1934 by Josef Hoffmann as a white cube, poses a challenge to film projections. Dorit Margreiter’s contribution to the Art Biennale 2009, the film installation “Pavilion”, demanded a space within the space of the pavilion.

It was planned and built as a space that filters out sunlight, while opening itself to the screen projection – with the walls adapted tightly to the light-cone: creating the same spatial opening for the light-cone as for the viewers.


Biennale Office 09, Dorit Margreiter

Planning Period
Februar – June 2009

Construction Period
June – July 2009

Gabu Heindl

Hertha Hurnaus