SchloR – Wohnbau

In the second phase of the project, the residential unit was built.

Living away from the heteronormative nuclear family.
In Vienna, rents are still relatively cheap. The guideline rent for old buildings and the many municipal apartments and those of the non-profit organizations create the possibility for many to live affordably. While community apartments are hardly accessible for living communities, old buildings larger than 120m² fall outside the cap by the guideline rent. Family constellations beyond heteronormative nuclear families have a hard time living together in Vienna. SchloR is a collective that shares living space, reproductive work, care work and resources and supports each other outside of families of origin. This allows them to afford a life together that is otherwise only available to a few: large shared apartments and shared luxuries. They share a garden, a guest apartment with a piano and a cinema, a sauna, a large roof terrace, and access to rehearsal rooms, workshops, and the circus center.

Affordable living in the industrial park
Living in a commercial area offers an opportunity to build away from enormous financial pressure. However, it also brings with it many responsibilities, such as managing businesses. For each business there is a supervisory and management apartment, and this in a self-selected housing form, namely a collective housing form.

Ecological construction methods.
bricks and wooden frame construction with chopped straw insulation were used.

Client SchloR GmbH

planning period 2020-2023

planning team Gabu Heindl, Elena Mali, Lisa Schönböck, Hannah Niemand

photos GABU Heindl Architecture, SchloR

Oktober 2022
Oktober 2022